25 May 2012

keeping it real

“You learn a lot more from the lows because it makes you pay attention to what you're doing.”
John Elway


road-works adding stress to our airport trip
attending godmother's funeral today
Miss 4 throwing up (on both of us) at airport before flight
flight gate + train platform both furthest walk from entry
(and me alone with small child and bags)
the seeming lack of gentlemen

Miss 4 sleeping through most of flight and waking refreshed
ending up a good flight + train ride
a kind woman helping me with a bag + lending Miss 4 a pillow
the kindle coming into its own

Share your own ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light,
peaks-valleys, plus-minuses,
as we keep the blogosphere real.
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Keeping it Real is a weekly meme where bloggers share the ups as well as the downs of their week - acknowledging wholeness.
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  1. so you are back home then.... good luck :)

  2. sending you positive thoughts on a not so easy period of life !

  3. ugh.... the puke before the plane ride... Thanks goodness for kind women. :) hugs!!!

    1. and it wasn't like there was a lack of MEN around. sheesh! ;)

  4. I'm so sorry Miss 4 wasn't feeling well, but happy that she got some sleep and recovered. Hugs and peace go out to you while you attend your godmother's funeral. Sometimes the low points can be really low, eh? Wishing you a happy balanced weekend so you can recharge your weary batteries.

    (* also sooooo sorry to exploit your Keeping It Real project in today's post but I need some commenters) ........oh the humiliation...lol

  5. Oh wow, what a rough start, she must have needed the rest poor thing... hope miss 4 is feeling better by now and hope you got some rest too (along with that Kindle time :).
    Welcome home Mon!!

    1. limited packing space? don't know which book to take? kindle!! lol

    2. Hey lady, tried to link up and it's saying I don't have a back link, which I do, so not sure what the prob is?
      will try again later :), meanwhile I'll put it here :)



  6. What a tough beginning to a trip! How did you keep it together?! Glad the flight was uneventful though! Leave it to a woman to come to the rescue :)
    Glad you are home xo

    1. how EVERY mama that has no choice, keeps it together. lol

  7. ohhhh. throwing up in the plane = NOT good.
    Being a mama is not for the faint of heart!
    Have a wonderful weekend! I"ll join back in one of these weeks.

  8. So glad you two arrived safe and sound. I see you brought the promised sunshine! Hope all goes well with your plans for the future. x

  9. oh, dear, what a bumpy start. :( glad it finished well for you. hope you're both feeling well and rested.


  10. Sending much healing to miss 4. Hooray for kind women!
    Take a good rest this weekend, I hope things go well from now on. :)

  11. your there!
    what a grand and not so grand adventure....just like life

    here I am

    happy weekend Monica

    Love and Light

  12. She actually slept on the flight?? Was she sick then? (I know you don't have the best sleeper of a child and I know mine would have only slept if he was sick.) sounds like chaos at the airport, bleh

    1. we were up super early and throwing up and excitement probably took it out of her as well. she was fine, just an early stomach not ready for food i think.

  13. Travelling with kids - never fun. But it sounds like your girl was a trooper, bless her. I get so mad when people watch, tutting and foot tapping, while a woman struggles with a toddler, pushchair, bags...there is not enough kindness in the world sometimes! Mind you, I was probably oblivious before I had my kids. Not any more, I embarrass everyone by rushing over to offer help now!

  14. I had that once - a friend's daughter threw up on me when they dropped us at the airport. It was a trip overseas so I was unable to wear my jacket for the 10 hour middle of the night flight because it reeked. But we live, we learn...

    arrogant fanatics entering my space, being cruel and demeaning to others
    desire to crawl into a cave and to be left alone

    wonderful attendance at the last meditation workshop
    finally getting to order my Harry Potter box set
    Guppy finally settling more than 2 weeks after Sparky's return from Orlando
    everyone sleeping well