11 May 2012

keeping it real

"For me, the best times are always going to be the most intense,
the ones with the highest highs and the lowest lows."

Fiona Apple


thick oozy mental resistance
feeling we're going in circles
another skin-n-bones stray dog

her new singing game
will be in England in less than 2 weeks
giving away books
coming to a balance
finding very active home-ed groups in city we're going to
finishing the (stress-inducing) pool

Share your own ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light,
peaks-valleys, plus-minuses,
as we keep the blogosphere real.
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Keeping it Real is a weekly meme where bloggers share the ups as well as the downs of their week - acknowledging wholeness.
New-comers welcome!


  1. the journey through confusion in order to find balance.... it's always amazing right ?

  2. another stray...poor thing! they do seem to find you. they know who has a big heart. :)

    two weeks?! not long. hope you're able to get the rest you need soon.

  3. "thick oozy mental resistance"

    I get that.


  4. oh noes....that poor pup is heartbreaking...and yes, Amanda is right -- they seem to know where to come for love and a nice meal ;) word gets out, y'know..;)

    2 weeks?!?! yowzas!! groovy that there are some home-ed groups where you're going....


  5. the circles, yes I know that. Maybe that "thick oozy mental resistance" has got your wheels stuck and they are just spinning (at least that's what happens to me)

    We love balance and singing games and your move on the horizon! Hope you get some chill time in this weekend, help loosen up that mud!

  6. I have to skip this week, but I'll be back! So you're there almost two weeks and you will be in England, how exciting!

  7. For the stress - it's a gorgeous pool and looks well worth the effort. Poortstray doggie breaks my heart.
    I wish I lived closer - I'd be over to mull over those books.
    And we all could use a little oozing of mental resistance once in a while - makes the easier times more appreciated, yes?

  8. thank you for the inspiration in keeping it real. I too have an unwelcomed friend named exhaustion. hugs of energy across the ethers to your heart.

  9. That breaks my heart about another stray dog. Should I say I'm happy it found you? Knowing you probably don't need it right now? The pool looks wonderful and I hope the worst is behind you. On the flipside, hope that pool pays you back in joy tenfold :). Exhaustion, circles and ooziness conspire together I think, clear, straight, and restful days ahead soon. 2 weeks until Europe, yippee!!! (Me too, giggle :).
    have a good one Mon!

    1. Yes! the worst stress is behind us... i think! well, in regards to the work we needed to do it is. now continuing sorting, storing, packing, and decision-making.... ;)

  10. Aww that poor little stray dog. My heart breaks every time I hear these kind of stories. :( I know the feeling of going in circles... this can be so hard for a Libra, right? Glad to hear you still can find your balance.

    And whaahoo, England! I was there last summer but would love to go back. It's so much fun. :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. super hard for a Sag Moon, who wants to reach forever onwards! lol

  11. Oh, poor little dog.... :(
    And exhaustion - I can relate to that this week.
    Wow, 2 weeks, that's going to fly by! Are you feeling excited? I can only imagine how much more there is to do before then.
    Ronnie xo

    1. the excitement is quietly in the background as i am filled with those necessary details to work through. :)

  12. It is so hard to see animals who have not gotten the love and care they deserve. And exhaustion - I can definitely relate to that these days!

    Preparing to head off to England must be exciting - especially when you know you have a thriving group to acquaint yourselves with when you arrive. How wonderful!

    1. really looking forward to getting the girl into a group groove.

  13. Balance sounds good. Home -ed seems to be thriving in UK, read articles about flexi-schooling too, where they can attend school for part of the week.

    1. i'm in two minds about flexi-schooling. like it as they don't need to be immersed in a school structure, but dislike the disruption to the child's flow in comparison with peers.
      but yes, home-ed in uk is thriving it seems!

  14. I'm still on the lookout for a good homeschool group in my city. Tons in the region but closer would be better.

    Nice on pool! What a big project to have out of the way!

    1. we also have a ton going on in the region and less local, but there's enough. just nice to find an immediate friends group for her and a few things to do on a regular basis.

  15. I do love the titles "mud" and "lotuses" - very appropriate.

    Exhaustion makes everything so much harder. And not great timing with the pooch : (

    Hey, but that's great about the home-ed group in Engerland! And the pool - major accomplishment.

    Giving away books is very liberating isn't it? It's kind of weird, because I was just thinking of giving away some of mine when I landed here and noticed that's exactly what you're doing : ) Then again, it's probably not weird at all, because thinking about books made me think of visiting you here, so it's kind of logical...hhehe. Pity you live so far away, because postage makes this stuff a bit prohibitive.