21 Apr 2012

welcome the bull

Words like pragmatism, practicalities, hard work, and their ilk, sort of make me yawn a bit. Despite that I have a super strong practical streak running right through me. My bohemian, anti-routine self is secretly and begrudgingly grateful for it though. When push comes to shove, I get things done.

And we all need that vibe sometimes. A dose of taking care of business as well as sensual self-nurturing is needed after what has been a rather erratic/busy/frustrating month.

So soak up our transition into Taurus by taking time over this dark moon to make, mend, sew, sow, sort, tidy, a little. But mostly take time to mentally list and plan what needs doing the month ahead.... and also, eat cake, soak in a tub, get a massage, give yourself a pedicure, snuggle.

Ground yourself,
take a breath and find your zone of security and comfort.

Trust your bodily senses 
and what they tell you about that person, project, or idea.
Is there stiffness, anxious belly, a persistent cough?

Is your energy going towards what you believe truly worthy of your time?
Shed what is unnecessary.

Sink your feet into what you find of value,
and you will find yourself on a solid foundation for the year ahead.

Bonus weekend post!
so invoking....
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